24" 4-Panel Wooden Folding Pet Gate 200815-22987

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  • Material: Pine
  • Color: Brown
  • Net weight: 8 lbs
  • Product size: 80.5" x 24" x 0.5" (L x W x H)
  • Single panel size: 20" x 24" x 0.5" (L x W x H)
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Pet rail
  • 2 x Foot supporters
Key Features
  • Free Standing Gate: This wooden pet gate is a good tool to limit the pet's activity area. The height of 24'' makes it difficult for small pets to climb over, and the foot supporters increase the stability of the rail, so you don't have to worry about pets destroying furniture or other items even when you are out.
  • Safe & Eco-friendly Materials: Made of high quality pine wood, our brown dog gate is durable and does not harm the health of pets or children. In addition, the environmentally friendly paint on the surface gives the wooden rail a certain degree of water resistance, which increases its service life.
  • Compact Spacing & Solid Construction: The gaps on each door panel are very compact and can effectively prevent kittens from passing through. The high stability and sturdy construction make it difficult for pets to hit or knock over and is ideal for isolating pets.
  • Foldable & Portable Design: This pet rail consists of 4 panels and plating hinges allow you to fold our rail into various shapes as needed. Therefore, our wooden pet gate fits to be placed in front of doorways, bedrooms and stairs. Besides, the lightweight design allows you to move it to any desired place.
  • No Assembly Needed: This pet gate is fully assembled before it is delivered to you. Therefore, you can install it directly into the area that needs to be isolated or outside the room. In addition, this safety gate is easy to clean and maintain, just wipe it with a cloth occasionally.
    This is the pet rail we prepared for you which can safely isolate your pet
    Made of high quality pine wood, the pet gate is very strong and has no odor. The environmentally friendly paint on the surface makes it waterproof and easy to clean. In addition, the 4 door panels are hinged by a plated hinge for 360-degree rotation, making it easy for you to adjust the shape as needed. You can set it up at the door, in the bedroom, on the stairs or wherever you want.
    This wooden pet gate creates a barrier for your pet and helps you have your own space.
    • Foldable design saves storage space and makes it easy to carry
    • 360 degree rotating panels allow you to adjust shape as needed
    • Self-assembly is not required, it can be more convenient for people to use
    • Galvanized hinges provide longer lifecycle of pet railv two foot supporters make the pet pail stronger, so that pets not push over it
    • Environmentally friendly paint avoids the unpleasant and unhealthy smell
    • Pine material is easy to maintain and ensures long service life
    • No assembly requirements for easy use

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