3-Stage Under-Sink Water Filter System With Chromed Faucet 200815-23614

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  • Material: PP + UDF + CTO
  • Net Weight: 9 lbs
  • Applicable water pressure: 15-58 psi
  • Ambient temperature: 41-104 ℉
  • Applicable water: Tap water
  • Overall dimensions: 14" x 5" x 13.5" (L x W x H)
  • Height of faucet: 11.5"
  • Package include:
  • 1 x Water purifier set
  • 1 x Faucet
  • 1 x Manual
Key Features
  • Healthier And Cleaning Water: This convenient water filter system will help remove up to 99% of harmful bacteria and impurities for clean water. With the three different filters, you will enjoy healthier purified water because filters can absorb chlorine, particles and odor from raw water.
  • Three-stage Filters: Different filters are made of different materials that have different function. The PP sediment filter firstly conducts coarse filtration for the raw water. And then granular active carbon filter is to absorb unusual colloid and odors. Finally, this water filter system will remove residual chlorine with block active carbon filter to generate filtered water.
  • Safe Design And Supreme Quality: Our under-sink water purifier is manufactured to comply strictly with FDA standards and tested by independent third party. The filter is made of the eco-friendly material and uses 100% lead-free gooseneck faucet. Besides, low pressure operation without tank and power that effectively reduces the risk of leakage and detonation and enhances reliability.
  • Super Water-saving And Energy-saving: The water purifier is physically filtered by the pressure of the tap water without additional pressure needed and tank so as to save power and energy. Filtering also does not produce waste water so that this water purifier is able to save money and water.
  • Quick & Easy Installation: With the simple construction and parts, you only need assemble the purifier set and faucet to your office, bathroom or kitchen. What's more, you just connect the water purifier directly to the tap water because there is no electricity and tank in the water filter system.
    The 3-stage under-sink water filter system provides the chance for you to drink the purified and healthy water at an affordable price.
    You will acquire a source of pure, fresh and healthier water with it. The tap water is coarse-filtered by the water purifier. This complete 3-stage water filter system is made from high quality and materials and stainless steel to offer long-lasting and reliable performance. With super different capacity filters, it can help you remove and absorb chemicals, chlorine and odors.
    Economical appearance design make this water filter beauty and durability, don't hesitate to buy it!
    • High quality and long-lasting water filter system that applies the standard 10-inch filter
    • Super different capacity filters to remove and absorb chemicals, chlorine and odors
    • Energy saving because the water purifier is physically filtered by pressure of the tap water
    • convenient to replace efficient filter and low maintenance cost
    • Coarse filter water purifier with low risk and low pressure operation but no tank
    • Provide unlimited refreshing water and keep important minerals and higher alkalinity
    • Economical appearance design, beauty and durability
    • 100% lead-free chrome faucet
    • Easy clean and installation
    • The working process of the three-stage filter is as follows:
    • Stage 1: 10" PP sediment filter - recommend replace every 3~6 months. This filter whose precision is about 5um that can remove the particles, impurities, colloid and other suspension whose diameter is more than 5 micron in water and absorb odor, chlorine and outgrowth from the raw water
    • Stage 2: 10" Granular active carbon filter - recommend replace every 6~12 months. This filter mainly gets rid of unpleasant tastes, odors, cloudiness and colors from the raw water. Besides, the chlorine and chemicals linked to cancer, like pesticides, insecticides Benzene will be removed
    • Stage 3: 10" Block active carbon filter - recommend replace every 6~12 months. The third filter can further remove the residual chlorine, particles and odor

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