5-Feet Artificial Keel Red Vinegreen Leaves Bonsai 200815-23279

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  • Color: Green
  • Material: Plastic, PVC
  • Product weight: 17 lbs
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Artificial keel red vine bonsai
Key Features
  • Indoor & Outdoor Decoration: This artificial keel red vine bonsai is very beautiful, with moss on the basin, which can be placed indoors and outdoors. Our tree can match perfectly with any decor theme, showing much freshness and elegance. Bring a touch of greenery to desks, coffee tables, patios, and more.
  • High Degree of Simulation: This high quality artificial tree is 5' high. Natural trunks make it highly realistic. And the leaves with clear texture and even color are vivid, truly replicating real plants. The spiral shape and the proper curvature make it look like a real tree.
  • Stable & Durable Material: The pot is made of high quality plastic, and the cement is poured inside. Cement can ensure the overall stability of the simulation tree. What’s more, the leaves are made of PVC and the trunks are made of solid wood, which ensure the long life of the simulation tree.
  • Easy to Clean & Care: With this artificial keel red vine bonsai, you can enjoy life easily. Because it has no requirements for water, fertilizer and sunlight. And you don't have to clean or care for it regularly, just occasionally wipe it with a damp cloth when you are free.
  • No Assembly Required: After receiving our artificial keel red vine bonsai, you only need to take out our simulation tree and adjust the extent of the blade as needed. No other auxiliary tools are needed throughout the process.
    This is the simulated spiral bonsai which can decorate your home or office area.
    It's 5' tall, with thick trunks and realistic leaves, giving your home or office a natural feel. With a thick and precise design of the trunk, it feels like the real leaves overflowing at all levels, making it the perfect choice for your decorative space. No maintenance or watering. The plastic basin looks metallic and makes this artificial tree more aesthetically pleasing.
    Nothing makes your indoor environment more vivid than this artificial keel red vine bonsai.
    • Perfect decoration for indoor and outdoor
    • Simple cleaning and care process
    • Natural trunks, PVC leaves and artificial moss make it highly artificial
    • Plastic material and cement make it stable and durable
    • No need to assemble, just adjust the angle of the leaves
    • Light weight makes it easy to move and carry
    • Sophisticated craftsmanship make it comparable to the real tree
    • No need for water, sun and fertilizer
    • Lightweight and easy to move around
    • No need for water, sun and fertilizer
    • Cement base covered with simulated moss for beauty and stability

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