6 Pcs Retractable Black Stanchion Posts Queue Pole 200815-23200

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  • Belt color: Black
  • Material: Stainless steel, retractable barriers belt stanchion
  • Total height: 35"
  • Pole diameter: 2.5"
  • Base diameter: 12.5"
  • Belt length: 78"
  • Belt width: 2"
  • One base weight: 11 lbs
  • Total weight: 76 lbs
  • Package includes:
  • 6 x Stanchion posts with retractable belts
Key Features
  • Sturdy Stable Construction: Constructed from premium anti-rust stainless steel poles, this stanchion barrier set is sturdy enough for longer service time. The poles' bases are filled with cement, restricting them from swinging in the wind. And, the rubber pads prevent any scratches to the floor as well as noise.
  • Super Utility Set with Perfect Size: This set of 6 pieces stanchion poles in addition to the retractable ropes will be used as 3 groups of crowd control barriers. The retractable belts have a span of 6.5 feet (70") between 2 stanchions. And, the barrier area can be customized.
  • Safe Design Classic Exterior: The stanchion poles are painted in black with matte finish. Nor just have these poles been given anti-rust and anti-scratch properties, but also a premium appearance. Next, a sensitive telescopic head will prevent the accidental release of the retractable belt from happening.
  • Wide Range of Application: Essentially, the stanchion set works great for crowd control at churches, theaters, museums, hotels, concert venues and other public locations. Direct or stop crowds who lose their way.
  • Easy Set up and Storage: No tools are required to assemble. Simply place the post onto the base and you’re done! Besides, 4-way adaptor on the top of each post gives it an easy extension when needed. To store, just retract the belts and unscrew them.
    The premium stanchion set is available with 6 stainless steel stanchion posts together with retractable belts.
    The barrier belts are effective in organizing crowds, queues, and designating an enclosed area for various purposes. It’s an ideal solution for systemizing crowds in various ceremonies, fashion shows, airports, ticket counters, and other crowded places. The extension is made easier by sensitive telescopic head with wear-resistant retractable belts and 4-way adaptor on the top of each steel pole. The barrier belts are designed to retract to avoid any accidental release. Stainless steel and heavy-duty base give these poles a firm standing on the ground against winds. The rubber floor protectors on the base prevent unwanted scuffing noise and floor damages. It’s an essential product to avoid any unwanted and complicated congestion at crowded places.
    Don’t wait if you’ve been wondering on ideas to organize crowds and queues from a long time. Get one for optimal solution!
    • 6pcs stanchion poles with retractable belts equal 3 sets of crowd control barriers
    • Sensitive telescopic head with wear-resistant retractable belts, 4-way adaptor at the top of each post for easy extension
    • Retractable locking belt to prevent injuries from accidental release
    • Sturdy and durable black matte painted steel stanchion poles, anti-rust, not easy to scratch
    • Solid base filling with cement for extra stability, not easy to swing in the wind
    • Rubber floor protectors protect the floor from scuffing and reduce the noise when moving
    • A maximum span of 6.5 feet (78’’) long belt retractable between two stanchions for crowd control
    • Great for Crowd Control at Grand openings, Theaters, Concert Venues & Trade Shows, etc.
    • Easy for setting up, simply retract belts and unscrew them for easy storage

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