Bamboo Frame Durable Clothes Storage Laundry Hamper 200815-23514

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  • Material: Bamboo, anti-hemp polyester fabric
  • Overall size: 15.4" x 13" x 23.6" (L x W x H)
  • Package includes: 1 x bamboo laundry hamper
Key Features
  • Natural and Sustainable Construction: Made of environmental friendly and durable bamboo, this hamper frame is solid and stable and its surface is smooth and protects your hand with exquisite handle. Four horizontal bars and two side panels are tightly connected as well as steadily stabilize the whole frame.
  • Easy Installation: Hardware and installation manual are attached. All accessories are numbered and all assembly steps are shown in instruction for your reference. Cloth bag is also easy to be installed well.
  • Long-Lasting and Large Cloth Bag: Top of cloth bag is fine stitched and perfectly assembled through two top bamboo bars. Anti-hemp polyester fabric is durable and wear-resistant. With waterproof coating inside cloth bag, its inner part is waterproof. There is one cardboard put on bottom of cloth bag to keep shape. Distance between bag and hamper bottom prevents garments inside bag from touching the ground.
  • Simple and Functional Design: Fresh and bright color looks natural and lively. It can be put at bathroom or bedroom for storing clothes or towels that need to be washed. This hamper suits for both family and individual laundry.
  • Light Weight and Easy to Move: Characterized by light weight, it is easy for anyone to carry it or lift it up.
    This practical and stylish laundry hamper, help you have a perfect container to contain clothes as well as do less laundry chore of organizing, carrying or hanging garments.
    Made of environmental-friendly and sustainable bamboo material, this hamper frame gives strong support to the cloth bag and all garments inside. Anti-hemp polyester fabric is wear-resistant and makes you feel soft. Cloth bag offers ample room to load garments with large capacity and bottom cardboard makes bag maintain its shape. Tightly installed on bamboo frame, the bag stays steady.
    It is suitable for family or individual use and is an ideal choice for you with affordable price! Just buy it!
    • High quality and brand new
    • Durable and sustainable bamboo frame
    • Smooth and exquisite handled bamboo surface
    • Easy to be installed with complete hardware and detailed manual
    • Keep in shape with bottom cardboard
    • Ample space for loading clothes or towels
    • Nice-looking and functional design fitting
    • Light weight and easy to move

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