Diy 30 Cube Portable Closet Clothes Wardrobe Cabinet 200815-23513

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  • Color: Black, white
  • Net weight: 57 lbs
  • Product size: 71" x 18" x 85" (L x W x H)
  • Product material: PP panels, wire, ABS
  • Diameter of wire: 0.2"
  • Black embossing: 18" x 14" (71pieces)
  • Black embossing: 14" x 14" (30 pieces)
  • White embossing: 14" x 14" (30 pieces)
  • Black buckles: 88
  • Package Includes:
  • 1 x Portable storage cube
  • 1 x Instructions
  • 1 x Mallet
  • 3 x Clothes hanger
Key Features Super Large Capacity: This combination cabinet consists of 30 cubes, which provides additional storage space for you to store different kinds of items and you can also classify items for easy access and use next time.
Beautiful Appearance: This cabinet has black cubes and white doors and there are beautiful art patterns on the door. Its unique product design and classical models and textures make it suitable for any room and any decorative style.
Reasonable Design: The cubes of this combination cabinet can be used alone or in combination and each cube has the function of waterproof and dust-proof and has a hole on the door. It is convenient for you to open and use and it can also promote air circulation and prevent odor accumulation.
Sturdy and Long-lasting: The main material of this cabinet is PP board and each cube has a high hardness and can bear 22 lbs weight maximum. There are wires and ABS plastics between each cube to ensure the stability and firmness of the overall structure of the cabinet.
Easy Installation: Using the attached ABS connector can connect the cubes to complete the overall installation makes the assembly process relatively simple. Under the guidance of instructions and installation videos, the installation can be completed in a shorter period of time without spending too much time or energy.
    Have you ever complained that you have too much stuff that your room can't hold everything in order, now you have a better choice to solve this problem.
    This product got beautiful and classic white and black appearance,besides, it got exquisite patterns that you can diy for your own preferences. Our 30 cubes portable closet storage cabinet is a great addition to any room (nursery, living room, hallway or bedroom). It will keep your clothes, books, toys, and shoes neatly organized. This heavy duty and sturdy cabinet is lightweight so that you can move anywhere you like.
    And you can organize these cubes as your wish to suit the space. Don't hesitate to buy one!
    • Made of high quality pp panels
    • Each cube can hold 22 lbs weight maximum
    • Consists of 30 cubes has huge storage space
    • Items can be classified and stored
    • Unique product design and classical models
    • Suitable for various home decoration styles
    • Each cube has the function of waterproof and dustproof

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