Portable Cooler Bag Leak-Proof Insulated Water-Resistant For Camping 200815-22032

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  • Color: Dark grey
  • Material: 840D TPU shell, NBR insulation cotton, PU Lining
  • Overall dimension: 16"(L) x 11"(W) x 15"(H)
  • Inside dimension:13.5"(L) x 8"(W) x 11.5"(H)
  • Strap length: 55"
  • Pad dimension: 11.5"(L) x 3.5"(W)
  • Volume: 22 QT
  • Net weight: 5 lbs
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Cooler bag
  • 1 x Instruction
Key Features
  • Superior Heat Preservation & Refrigeration: Black airtight zipper with easy pull tab keeps the cooler bag leak-free which perfectly fits for outdoors. High quality insulation cotton keeps warm for 48 hours - 72 hours or more. The refrigerating function locks the refreshing feeling of ice and keeps food fresh, so you can enjoy original taste after activity whether hot or cold food.
  • Provides Large Capacity: It comes with large capacity to provide spacious room for your need that can hold up to 38 bottles of 330ml beverage cans, and fully able to accommodate plenty of food for a family. It is very ideal for hiking, camping, sea fishing, picnics or your own backyard. You could place it in the trunk or the backseat of the car with ease.
  • Three Layers Food-grade Material: Our cooler bag is consisted of 840D TPU casing shell, NBR insulation cotton and PU lining. Wear-resistant and dirt-resistant TPU casing shell is designed for longevity and keeping as new as just bought. Inner thick insulation cotton does well in heat preservation. And the PU surface can keep cold and is easy to clean.
  • Three Convenient Carry Ways: Adjustable strap carried by hand or shoulders has a ergonomic designed pad which can reduce burden and protect your shoulder or palm to travel easily. It can also be disassembled and is portable. Three carry ways are designed for different occasions for your convenience. Besides, fixed buckles are sewn on front and back to be tied to the rope in the car.
  • Extra Lifesaving Function: This cooler bag is mainly used for outdoor activities. Compared with other bags, it has the characteristics of waterproof, low density and large volume, which can float in water. It can be used as an auxiliary lifesaving item in the case of emergency and keep shape well so you just seize it and lean your body on it to save yourself.
    Our portable cooler bag follows you to any campsite you go!
    The 22 qt large capacity allows you to store up to 38 cans of 300 ml beverages inside. Thicken interior structure is made of 840D TPU casing shell, NBR insulation cotton and PU lining. If you prefer carrying warm item such as chicken and beef, the bags are just made in such way, they will keep warm and remain the flavor and aroma within the food for a long time for you. As for refrigeration, we also won’t let you down.
    Additionally, the zipper and the high-density TPU material ensures ultra water-resistant, your contents will not leak. Detachable shoulder strap allows you to easily adjust it so that you can comfortably carry without pain.
    Now! Take this cooler bag on your truck, your adventure is waiting!
    • The cooler bag keeps warm for 48 hours - 72 hours or more and have good refrigerating function
    • 22 QT loading capacity allows you to fill up to 38 cans of 330 ml beverages
    • It is suitable for outdoors, like hiking, camping, picnic, BBQ and so on
    • The premium three-layer food-grade material is water-resistant and dirt-proof, makes it easy for you to clean.
    • Shoulder strap is detachable and adjustable for your need to carry effortlessly
    • It has three carry ways for you to choose: hand carry, arm carry and shoulder carry
    • There are fixed buckles on the bag to be tied with rope in the car
    • It is no more than a cooler bag, also can be used for as an lifesaving bag
    • There is an extra storage bag for mobile phones, keys and more
    • Oval shaped design draws a smooth curve that looks elegant and fashion

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